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The peerless master fought against the invincible corpse king, and the power was astonishing. The rolling magic clouds covered the world, the strong wind whistled, and the sword gas soared to the sky. This unprecedented battle shocked all the practitioners who watched the battle, and some of them were infatuated with martial arts. Such a war is rare in thousands of years. It is close to the battle of gods in myths and legends. The confrontation between the world’s masters really has the potential to destroy the world. “Boom”, “boom”.. Shaking the sky, the peaks of Fengdu Mountain collapsed, the rocks pierced the air, the evil spirit was vast, and the sword was soaring into the sky. The four men fought until the sky and earth turned pale, and the sun and moon lost their light. At that moment, Zhou Laoguai’s giant sword suddenly changed color, the original brilliant light was gathered, the body of the sword suddenly became blood-red and shiny, as if to drip blood, and the old monster urged the sword to be red and shiny, completely turned into a substantial blood sword. The two blood swords, like two Changhong through the sky, illuminated the whole sky, dispelled the endless evil spirit, and immediately returned to Pure Brightness. Two tall demons were exposed in front of everyone’s eyes, only to see two mythical and legendary demons hanging in the air high above the sky,plastic pallet price, their human bodies covered with dark green scales, only a pair of ghost claws waving were blood-red, with a pair of horns on their heads, their faces like pigs and horses, and they looked particularly ferocious and horrible. On top of their heads stood the two invincible corpse kings they had seen earlier. Their bodies were also more than three meters high, but they were still countless times smaller than their incarnations. The two blood swords of Zhou Laoguai and the old monster crossed and went forward to kill, as fast as lightning, and the two blood awn mercilessly chopped on the blood-red ghost claws in front of them. Ah “Ah..” Accompanied by two loud roars of ghosts,plastic pallet manufacturer, the blood claws of the two demons emitted bursts of smoke, and the corpse kings on the heads of the two demons screamed unceasingly. They were already in the same body as their external incarnations, and when their incarnations were damaged, they also screamed. Two old immortals, you still have the blood of the Archaic Protoss. Didn’t you run out just now? A corpse king cried bitterly. And another corpse king is looking at Chen Dong with hatred, the faint green in his eyes is so cold that he can’t wait to tear him up immediately. Chen Dong is now in the center and understand that after the two corpse kings rushed from a distance to the important place of the corpse driving faction, they have been locking him firmly with their minds, and they already know that the divine blood is provided by him. It can be speculated that it must be the old monster who wanted to drag Yuxin into the water and participate in the war. They revealed the news to the two corpse kings, and the reason why the four people moved the battlefield just now was probably under the control of the two old monsters, in order to drag Yuxin into the water quickly. Hateful Chen Dong angrily cursed, dark sigh in the end ginger or old hot ah, unexpectedly so Yin damage, today if let go of two corpse king, Chen Dong will not have a good life, this is to force him to let Yuxin end ah! He held Yuxin’s hand tightly. Episode 15 Fengdu War Chapter 18 Look Down on the World Chen Dong held Yuxin’s hand tightly. Ten thousand years ago, he had experienced a separation of life and death. Now he was afraid of a repeat of the tragedy. Anyway, plastic pallet crates ,ibc spill pallet, he didn’t want Yuxin to fight against the most dangerous corpse king in the world. Hum, you two old foxes are too insidious, but I won’t let Yuxin do it. High above the sky, Yuxin’s white clothes flutter, her skin is like snow, her beautiful and matchless appearance is extraordinary, her beautiful eyes are in high spirits, and the battle of the four peerless masters makes her a little intoxicated. In the past, when she was muddleheaded, she also fought against the world’s top masters and killed the gods of the immortal world. Now she is enlightened, thinking of the past, which makes her have a different feeling, as if she had returned to the age when she looked down on the world and was overweening. Unconsciously, Yuxin, like a fairy, sent out a vast and powerful breath, which shocked the sky and moved the earth. A majestic force surged out of her body and went in all directions, like the towering waves in the whole world. Many practitioners on the ground felt the heavy pressure like Mount Tai for the first time, and many practitioners all broke out in a cold sweat. The majestic breath of the strong shocked everyone. Chen Dong felt the deepest, he was almost out of breath by the impact, but Yuxin in the first time a gentle force into his body, finally let him slow down this tone. The breath of the world’s strongest man, vast and mighty, enveloped the whole world. At this moment, the beauty of Yuxin was completely sanctified, and people looked up at the beautiful woman who looked like a goddess, with a feeling of pilgrimage in their hearts. Since then, no one has ever associated her with the corpse king who has been practicing for thousands of years. Since then, Yuxin has gained the title of a goddess. The strong breath of Yuxin, like the tide, rushed into the depths of the mountains, and the two corpses fighting over Fengdu Mountain immediately felt the great pressure. One of the corpse kings cried miserably, “Do you really want to fight in the same room, corpse king?” A faint sigh resounded through the world. Yuxin sighed lightly, “For thousands of years, I have been dominated by people and become a killing machine. Is this a roommate?” Chen Dong is startled, he discovers Yu Xin unexpectedly intends to go to battle. Yuxin, don’t think too much. “No, those two old men can’t kill the corpse king. Some things are unavoidable. I have to fight them inevitably.” At this moment, Yuxin no longer seems to be a childish girl. Eyes as if more than some of the color of wisdom, people can not guess, can not see her true thoughts. Yuxin loosened Chen Dong’s hand and flew to the mountains like Lingbo Fairy. Chen Dong can only sigh. The practitioners who watched the battle from several miles away watched nervously, especially the disciples of the eight holy places, all hoping that Yuxin, a strong man in the world, could defeat the enemy. Boom. A violent tremor between heaven and earth, such as the fairy Yuxin, each hand inspired a ten-foot long sword awn, a huge lightsaber like a celestial weapon,collapsible pallet bin, instantly opened the magic cloud above the sky. She quickly rushed into the battlefield, and the huge lightsaber chopped down, shaking the two corpse kings out nearly a hundred feet away.

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