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A whole plate of peach cake was wrapped in Huai paper and handed to Saya. Xiaohua put Saya downstairs to play. Looking at the thin figure of Xiaozhengtai downstairs, Xiaohua not only sighed, but also said that the child was too lonely for his brother to come. Maybe it would be better for his brother to come? I couldn’t bear Saya to be so lonely. Xiaohua took out the forging watch and looked at it. Today, I forged four stoves of knives, plus the black knife set drawn by Tsurumaru. I also made more than a dozen knife sets. Just now, I used some of them to repair Tsurumaru. Forging knife resources are really not much left. I heard that Saya’s brother Zong Sanzuo’s writing is Dadao, and Jiang Xuezuo’s writing is Taidao. Next time, try to use the special formula for forging knives and Tai Dao? After dealing with the matter of Tsurumaru pulling Saya into the mine to explore privately, Xiaohua took out the pork ribs that had been marinated before, wrapped them in tin foil and baked them in the oven. That night’s welcome meeting, before the start of the floret still did not have the heart, went into the room to see the confinement of Tsurumaru, under the repeated assurance of Tsurumaru released him, and then smoothly to the blade, opened the welcome meeting. Chapter 37 Step 35 The welcome party was more and more lively. After all, there were more and more blades. This time, all the young people who came were tall and powerful. More than a dozen blades sat around a big table. This time, apart from the simple and crude whole ribs roasted by florets as the main course, the rest were handled by Gexian and Guangzhong. In the cooking line,Flush Retrofit Kit, Guangzhong was indeed better than Gexian, such as the thick potato slices in the stew. Gexian liked to cut them into flower shapes one by one, so Guangzhong would consider them more comprehensively. When can the thick slices of potatoes cut like this be cooked just right, both tasty and not boiled away. The little flower ate the lovely “potato thick slice flower” and looked at the exquisite carrot flower in a small dish beside the bowl. She picked up a petal and put it in her mouth. Well, it was just right. There is also Guangzhong’s main course, which is cooked until it is soft and rotten. It is boiled in the corner, and the streaky pork is cut into pieces that are just the size of a big mouthful. One more point is too fat, and one less point will not give you the feeling of stuffing meat into your mouth. If you chew it twice,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, you will have a mouthful of rice, and you will be happy to choke to death. Roast ribs, the main course made by Xiaohua, are also very popular. The tin foil wraps the whole fan and roasts it slowly. The water is all locked in the meat, and the gravy overflows when you bite into it. Finally, 15 mouths opened their stomachs to eat meat, and half of the pig was eaten away. Realizing that the rate of consumption was not good, Xiaohua got up early the next day, finished the work in the field, had breakfast, and sent the team out, ready to take advantage of the morning time to go to the mine to inquire. Well, we’d better be able to sniff out two pieces of iron ore. Waving his hand, Concealed Flush Valve ,Time Delay Tap, watching the light of the time converter gradually disappear, Xiaohua turned around and looked at the small knives left behind him, all holding their own body swords, fully armed in battle clothes. Is everyone going with me? Xiaohua felt that she just went to the mine to have a look, and it was too exaggerated to follow herself with six blades. This is a matter of course, general! Yao Yan answered. Uh Saya also nodded, and then added, “the tetrarch said yesterday.” “I can’t say anything to let you go alone.” Maeda also insisted. I, I want to help, too. Retreat also followed to say his decision. Mine! Mine! Will there be any fun. Jin Jian has jumped to the front of the road. Maybe you’ll dig a gold mine! Bodo’s eyes were already full of small sentences, and he ran to the front with this sword. No way, originally only intended to take Saya a blade to Xiaohua this can only take all, but last night Saya wearing the internal service did not take the body sword, can come out of the mine unscathed (by the way also dragging crane pill), presumably the mine should not be too dangerous for the knife. Saya, you can be the captain. Xiaohua saw the silent Saya behind her and offered. I’m the captain or something. It seems that the situation is serious. Saya nodded. The little flower just wanted to say, “It’s not to the point where the situation is serious,” but looking at Saya’s serious appearance, she had to pat him on the shoulder. “Well, then please Saya.”. ” “General, are you going to fight, too?” On one side, Yao Yan asked, “Be prepared with both hands, although my purpose is to mine, in case of danger.” Said Xiaohua took out the gloves he had removed from the hero’s clothes, “I’m not powerless to tie a chicken.” Yao Yan looked at Xiaohua’s gloves and did not speak again. Xiaohua’s gloves are not so much gloves as gloves with very good quality. The fabric is made of high-tech materials, but it’s just more sweat-absorbing, breathable, dustproof and washable than the gloves made of ordinary cloth on the market. Like her, there is no need to increase, protect and so on. Those are all chicken ribs for her. It is precisely because Xiaohua’s hero suit can be called “simple”, so he can cancel the hero license and still keep the hero suit. Walking all the way to the outside of the mine, the little knives pulled out their own swords and held them in their hands. This was the first time that Xiaohua had seen everyone fighting. Every blade face was full of seriousness. Xiaohua also put on her gloves, holding a mining pick in one hand, raising her mobile phone to turn on the flashlight in the other hand, and nodding to everyone. “Go.” “Yes.” Xiaohua carefully probed into the mine and found that it was bigger than she had imagined, and it was quite open, because it was not far from the entrance of the cave, so the visibility was quite high, Xiaohua held the flashlight of her mobile phone, and could see a light on the rock wall not far away. “That should be the place to mine, right?”? I’ll go and see. Said the little flower approached the shining rock wall, a draft down,Prison toilet for sale, the rock wall fell a white translucent regular cuboid stone, the light on the rock wall also disappeared. Xiaohua picked up the stone and knocked it with her hand. It felt like glass. She put it into a small backpack and decided to take it back and put it into the stone warehouse to see what would appear on the workbench. What.. Isn’t it a gold mine? Bodo shouted disappointedly in the back. “We are looking for iron ore,” Yaoyan explained. “The general said that iron ore is the necessary material for making fishing rods.” “Well..” Can’t you use Yugang? Everyone is discussing around the little flower. cnkexin.com

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